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With the right mix of progress and conservation, Peru is now turning over a new leaf in its effort to join some its more prosperous neighbors.The country has become more politically stable and it has rebuilt its reputation that was once marred by civil war and terrorism.Skip what the experts are saying and think about Suriname.The best infrastructure in the region (in the northeast not South America) and a government that hasn’t had any major difficulties since the Dutch left in 1975.How many of those locals have actually step foot outside of their own homes?Living in South America for a span of 10 years periodically throughout my life I have had the pleasure of living in every viable country on the continent.The country has an abundance of culture and the people are some of the nicest that one will find on the continent.

Even the capital city, Lima, is extremely affordable compared to other countries such as Chile and Brazil.South America is now emerging as a unique place to visit, an incredible place to invest, and an exceptional place to live.Many entrepreneurs have started looking for the best countries to invest in South America.More than 80% of the country is Amazon rainforest and the heat and humidity is enough to make a beach sweat.There is also limited connectivity to its neighbors and it possesses a currency that is not readily convertible.

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