Sexy video web sites

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But once a person clicks through they are brought to a webpage that is littered with content ad units and that often contains no article text other than the false or misleading headline.The site also triggers a pop-up ad when a visitor clicks anywhere on the page.

The type of ads being targeted by Facebook most frequently appear in the form of content-recommendation ad units.

”Buzz Feed News recently profiled exactly the kind of site Facebook is now targeting.

True is a pro-Trump website run from Eastern Europe that often publishes completely false headlines meant to grab attention on Facebook.

A report by moderators at You Tube found that up to 100,000 predatory accounts had been leaving indecent comments on videos, with 28 comments directed at children that were against the site's guidelines.

Lidl, Mars, Adidas, Cadbury maker Mondelez, Diageo and other big companies have also pulled advertising from You Tube after an investigation found the video sharing site was showing clips of scantily clad children alongside the ads of major brands.

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