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His name alone brings two images uppermost to my mind.One is of Baker beating the hell out of a drum kit at a Cream gig in 1967 during one of his titanic solos, red locks and wiry arms flailing with crazed energy.I was always beating rhythms when I went to jazz gigs, which I did a lot.Anyway, I went along, they sat me down at the kit, and I just did it.Well I had to earn some money, and this mate of mine said, ‘Why don’t you play drums?’ It’s funny, they all knew I was a drummer, and I didn’t.

He has almost destroyed himself, too, with a drug habit he only kicked in the Eighties.

I cut up my tent to put a front head on the bass drum, added a biscuit tin to one of the tom-toms, and took this kit with me to Leytonstone, and got the gig.

I told them I’d been playing professionally for three years, and my normal kit was busted.” The arrival on the scene of this gauche, hot-tempered and oddly vulnerable-looking drummer caused a stir, and Baker was soon immersed in the jazz world of Fifties Britain.

Talking about those early days prompts Baker to tell the story of how he first became aware he was a drummer.

“I was obsessed with the idea of being a professional cyclist when I was a kid, and I rode everywhere.

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