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It can create a new breed of robot, giving automatons the power to not only perform tasks but learn them on the fly.

And some believe it can eventually give machines something close to common sense—the ability to truly think like a human. Musk and Altman worry that if people can build AI that can do great things, then they can build AI that can do awful things, too.

Sutskever was one of the top thinkers on the project. Sam Altman, whose Y Combinator helped bootstrap companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Coinbase, had brokered the meeting, bringing together several AI researchers and a young but experienced company builder named Greg Brockman, previously the chief technology officer at high-profile Silicon Valley digital payments startup called Stripe, another Y Combinator company. But they all shared a goal: to create a new kind of AI lab, one that would operate outside the control not only of Google, but of anyone else.

"The best thing that I could imagine doing," Brockman says, "was moving humanity closer to building real AI in a safe way."Musk was there because he's an old friend of Altman's—and because AI is crucial to the future of his various businesses and, well, the future as a whole.

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But the forces that drove the creation of this rather unusual startup show that the new breed of AI will not only remake technology, but remake the way we build technology. It's always wise to meet bold-sounding claims with skepticism. Inside places like Google and Facebook, a technology called deep learning is already helping Internet services identify faces in photos, recognize commands spoken into smartphones, and respond to Internet search queries.“The performance has been re-scheduled and will now take place at 3Arena, Dublin on Saturday 7th May 2016 “Tickets will remain valid for the re-scheduled performance.Any customers not able to attend the new date should contact their point of purchase for refunds “Should you need any further assistance, please contact your ticket seller directly.” The Electric Light Orchestra was founded in the early-70s and went on to have hits throughout the decade with songs like Mr Blue Sky, Telephone Line and Livin’ Thing.Open AI began one evening last summer in a private room at Silicon Valley's Rosewood Hotel—an upscale, urban, ranch-style hotel that sits, literally, at the center of the venture capital world along Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, California.Elon Musk was having dinner with Ilya Sutskever, who was then working on the Google Brain, the company's sweeping effort to build deep neural networks—artificially intelligent systems that can learn to perform tasks by analyzing massive amounts of digital data, including everything from recognizing photos to writing email messages to, well, carrying on a conversation.

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