Campsites in east sussex with campfires

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It’s worth mentioning that my experience is entirely typical of bicycle travellers.Actually, you’ll be surprised where you can get away with putting a tent, sleeping rough or blagging a horizontal surface!It’s not ideal, but you’re unlikely to be noticed after dark, unless you wave your stove/headtorch around a lot.This isn’t the ideal situation, but sometime you’ve just got to sleep.

Bivvying is quite literally just sleeping outside, on the ground.

Other colours will get you by as well, just not as stealthily.

Take off any shiny labels on the outside of the tent.

You’ll also need time to check the area and set up your camp before dark.

Spending a few minutes absorbing the vibe of the area is usually a good idea (I’m talking human intuition here, not ‘energies’ or ‘auras’).

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