Bipasha basu dating john abraham

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Ranvir goes to a casino owner, Vikram Thapar (Rajesh Khattar), claiming to have been behind the Euro printing plates robbery.

Ranvir offers Thapar €1.5 billion of counterfeit currency in exchange for €500 million real banknotes.

For his diet, we consult his dietician and nutrition experts.

He doesn't take any extra supplements." At times, John and Salman both deal with 15 hours workdays.

“Salman works out for at least two hours continuously.

As far as his diet is concerned this is what his trainer had to say: "He is very health conscious and he is a pure vegetarian.If they can manage to spare 2-3 hours from their busy schedule for the gym, it says a lot about their dedication and discipline.For the regular 9 to 5 crows, taking time out for his personal fitness shouldn’t be that much of an issue.Now let’s sneak into his health routine of John Abraham and uncover his fitness mantra. And his sincere efforts towards body-building give him a 'Perfect 10 Physique," Khabib says.According to Khatib, John is very supportive and does everything that’s been asked of him.

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