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Stamping of Bowls During the years of Kapp and Peterson's business operations, the country of Ireland has undergone several name changes and K&P's stamping on their pipes reflects these changes.Knowing these changes, a Peterson pipe can be roughly dated and placed in "eras."Made in England - block format Made in England - circle format Made in London Made in London England Simply, London England Great Britain Though there are a couple of more, the above will give one the general idea.But pet lovers in the market for a new miniature pup can buy even teensier versions of the already microscopic breeds and can reportedly pay up to ,000 for one that is related to a celebrity-owned pooch.When one wannabe dog-ower, Annelise Peterson, bought a maltipoo named Winnie who was related to Blake Lively's dog Penny, the new purchase was sent to her new home on a Continental flight, packed in a smart, pink crate.By 1890, Kapp & Peterson was the most respected pipe and tobacco manufacturer in Ireland and rapidly gaining followers in England and America.

Some of the pipes of the Sherlock Holmes Series of the 1980s have pre-Republic stamps, as well as other pipes produced in 2000.We believe the earliest stamp of this era was the "Made in England" in a block format since Peterson was using the "Made in Ireland" block format at about the same time on their Irish production pipes.The "Made in England" circle format was used during the same time frame as the "Made in Eire" and "Made in Ireland" circle formats.Peterson orders these bands by the thousands and sends them to the assay office for hallmarking.The assay office will stamp the date of the year in which they received the bands and it may be a year or two or three before Peterson's employees happen to place one of these bands on a pipe though generally the bands are placed on a pipe in the year they were stamped.

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